Aug 4, 2008

Newspaper hats

I came across a neat little craft project on Mayamade the other day, which showed how to make quick, easy and quite durable hats for kids out of newspaper and a strip of tape. We had a go at this today with seven preschoolers and they all really got a kick out of it.

Each hat was made by plonking broadsheet newspaper, three sheets thick on a kid's head and then taping around thier forehead to make the bowl shape of the hat and then rolling up the brim and scrunching it in place. You'll need some wet wipes for the newsprinty faces that come out from the hat fitting proceedure.

The kids painted their hats and then when they had dried, decorated them with all sort of stick on bits and bobs that we had lying around, including some flowers from a dollar store lei that had broken.

This would be great fun as a craft activity at a little girl's birthday tea party. I couldn't stop giggling because my youngest looked like a crazy old lady in her hat.

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