Aug 29, 2008

Rolling Pin Printing

One of my RSS feeds turned up a cool tutorial on print making with a rolling pin from Craft Chi. I thought it was a really great idea, so that evening went and got a couple of old rolling pins from the local Goodwill. The next day me and the kids stuck a load of those little foam shape stickers all over the rolling pins. We got the self adhesive flower ones from the Dollar Tree and the self adhesive little people from the dollar section in Target.

Next we mixed up some kiddy paint that was watered down a little with a tiny bit of liquid dish soap added. Poured the paint on a sheet of aluminium foil and rolled the pins in it until they were coated evenly in paint.

Then the girls took turns rolling the pins over some brown paper and some butchers block paper we had handy. I was surprised at how easily they were able to manage it by themselves being only two and three years old, and they were fascinated by the patterns coming out.

When the little people papers were dry we decorated the people by adding hair and faces and clothes to them. We cut out our favourite ones and glued them to lollypop sticks to make cute little puppets.

I'd love to do this with slightly older kids and mix up a load of different skin tones, print pages of people of all races and then decorate them in the national costumes from various countries. Here are a few I did for the kids to play with while they were busy making thiers.

Phew, this is a long post isn't it! Here are a few of the flower prints too. I think we are going to use them for wrapping paper.


  1. The prints are gorgeous! Great idea using foil to spread the ink onto!

  2. That is very cool! What a great idea for wrapping paper!

  3. Wow. That's a great idea. It never occurred to me to use a rolling pin. You're brilliant!!

  4. Holy moly! My hub and his mom have spent hours making "audiences" for car races and such. This would seriously cut back on their work. Great idea! Thanks!

  5. I LOVE this! Do you think the stickers would come off later?

  6. this looks sooo fun!! :) tfs! (i'd say if you're a little nervous about subjecting your pin you could even wrap your pin w/ saran or some such film, snugly. and then no worries about the paint or the stickers...

    thanks again! (from a printmaker an mom, herself!)

  7. So fun! I shared this on facebook and twitter. =)

  8. Love this idea! My daughter would have a blast with this. I really like the idea with the people and dressing them once they're dry.

  9. Hallo, Lindsay
    L look every day our blog, I am a fan.
    I'd like your permission to post this .

  10. Nice idea! I love Your blog!
    I made it and used paper tube instead of roling pin.


  11. Rolling pin sticker painting is so cool. I have pinned this idea!


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