Oct 17, 2008

Milk jug bat masks

My blog posts have been a bit higgldy piggldy this month. You see, we made a family trip back to the homeland (UK), but now we're back in the US and have come to terms with the jetlag, so I have gradually been getting my act together to post about some of the things we did for my now four year old's birthday party that we had a couple of days before we left for the UK.

You might remember from a previous post that the chosen theme was "pirate-mermaid-superhero", or as was pointed out by a mate of mine "PMS". Nice.

So, as part of the superhero bit we made a few batman type masks for the kids to wear. I've seen lots of masks made from plastic gallon milk containers about on the web, but it crossed my mind that if I incorporated the sides of the container and folded them up on themselves then they would make nifty bat ears, so after pestering freinds to save thier milk containers for me, I cut out a load with an exacto knife and then sprayed them black with some plastic spray paint. A bit of elastic to hold them on and Voila!


  1. Wow. My son would be thrilled with one of these!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this idea. I made about fifteen of these masks for my roommate's twenty-first birthday party and everyone loved them!


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