Mar 16, 2009

Grid copying drawings

I found a pack of index cards a while back. I think it was at Goodwill. The cool thing about them was that they were a bit larger than the usual ones and were squared instead of lined or blank.

I drew some templates for the kids of a train, a house, a birthday cake, a robot, a car etc... and then the kids tried to copy the pictures on their own index card using the squares to guide them.

The children were only four and five years old, but they did a pretty good job of it and I reckon this activity would work for kids up to about seven or eight even.
We had a bit of open interpretation of the templates too, which was fun and led onto a much less structured drawing session afterwards.


  1. Great idea, and so simple! I wonder if my 3yo would get the concept...

  2. So so cute. I think I'll try this with mine today.

    Also, LOVED the robots in the last post. Clever, as always. What a great idea to use silver gift bags.

  3. p.s. since i don't have any graph paper in the house, I looked online and found a great site:

    GREAT graph paper pdf generator -- you get to select type of graph, type of paper, color of grid, even size of grid!

    I'm off to go draw some designs...


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