Mar 24, 2009

Cardboard streamer dresses

We recently got a load of drywall shims, which have turned out to be massively useful in kiddy crafts. This craft was so easy peasy and the kids loved the end result.
Each one got to decorate a cardboard shim with pens and stickers and then I cut each shim into three pieces (two equal length and one slightly longer). I stapled the shorter two to the longer one to make a kind of pinafore top and then hole punched the to ends of the chest piece and tied on string to make a bow fastening.Then I just cut lengths of dollar store crepe streamer that we had left over from the pirate-superhero-mermaid party back in September and the kids danced around like silly bouncy things in the dresses.Of course eventually they figured out they could pull off the streamers and make headbands and wave them around, but the bodice is sturdy enough that we can keep it and just stick on other streamers another day.
Of course you don't need drywall shims to do this. Any old cardboard will work just fine.


  1. My husband is going to kill me if collect any more cardboard, but this is too fun!

  2. Well that's my wedding dress sorted then ;)

  3. I love these! How clever!

    But must ask, where in the world did you get such a (beautiful) large stack of these shims? I'd never even heard of drywall shims before 5 minutes ago...

    P.S. The roman suits are absolutely fabulous too! LOVE the little emblems you drew to glue on.

  4. Ahhh, we went to home depot on the weekend for some gardening stuff. It's occasions like these that I realise I am maybe slightly unconventional, when I "treat myself" to a stack of drywall shims!?! The husband gave me that slow raising of the single eyebrow when I exclaimed "There are so many things we can make with these!!!!" He digs the roman centurion outfit though. Maybe I should make one for him.

  5. thanks for the info. with three kids, i stroll the aisles of home depot much less than i used to. miss those days (but love the days I'm in too).

    p.s. i know JUST the eyebrow raise of which you speak... : )

  6. Doing this tomorrow! So stinkin' cute.


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