Mar 21, 2009

Lucky Me and lucky me too!

Lucky me just gave my blog an award, which is really cool, because I only discovered her blog "Luck Me crafts and kids" a week or so ago and I'm loving the craft projects she's got on there. Thank you!Again I am ignoring the chain letter protocol that these awards often involve (I'm assuming there are no blog-police) and instead condensing the tag you're it kudos to one blog that has sincerely floated my boat since I found it. Ikat Bag is written by LiEr and when I first visited her site I thought "Yay! I'm not alone in my cardboard construction fettish!" plus, this lady isn't afraid to make crazy stuff involving wiring and batteries and bulbs either. We embrace that kind of crazy in this house! If you've not already, go visit her and her lovely girls in Blogland. If you like it here then I'll wager you'll like it over there too.

If you're freaked out by the level of paint mayhem my kids are involved in, then Lucky Me has got a lovely flowers craft that is similar to ours on her blog that is far less likely to result in you having to scrub your walls down ;)


  1. Congratulations on your award! Thank you for telling other people about my blog, Kitten! What a lovely surprise to see that early Sunday morning after being rudely awakened by small infant. I've told everyone I know about your stupendous NASA spaceship/shuttle/dream machine - but not all have blogs so we can't all link back (yet!). I am SO planning to tell everyone about the spaceship on my blog sometime, maybe after making some measly miniscule imitation, as it's the only size the husband now permits in our tiny quarters. Quick, commandeer the soldering iron and turn out some electronics, too- I've used all of the four bulbs in our house and need some inspiration to go out and buy more!

  2. We love the amateur electronics fangling. The drawingbot is the only thing I've posted on this blog though. I was thinking about starting up another blog with all the science playdate stuff we do, because none of it seems to fit with the messy art subject matter of this blog. Can I commit to another blog though? That's the question!


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