Mar 17, 2012

X-wing flight suit t-shirt printable

The last post I wrote was all about making the x-wing fighter pilot helmets from our bike helmets. This post is to share with you the hoodies that we made for the girls to wear with the helmets. I thought about making them t-shirts, but it was still winter, so we went with something warmer instead.

I made the artwork for it on the computer. It's not totally accurate, but close enough that the kids and most people that have seen the movies will recognize it as the white padded bib and communications device that the x-wing pilots wear. I did look online to see if there was anything that you could buy that was regular clothing and not just halloween costume stuff, but the only things I could find were hoodies for grown ups that were sort of based on the flight suit but again not accurate and rather expensive. Here's a link to a picture of what the real movie flight suits looked like.

If you want to make one like I made for my girls, or a t-shirt, you'll need some printer transfer paper and the artwork that I've included as a printable in this post, plus whatever orange garment you're going to iron it onto. Just click on the thumbnail below to get the full size image to print on your transfer paper. It is designed to print on US letter sized paper, but if you scale to fit A4 when you print it, you shouldn't lose too much of the size. It should be an ok size to work for small and medium sized kid clothing. I'm not sure if it will work out for larger sizes or if you'd have to enlarge the image and print it across multiple sheets of transfer paper for that, which might be a pain.

Please don't use this to make money, because George Lucas will likely use the force to kick your ass.

I made it with a little Alliance logo in the empty space at the neck that can be cut out separately and ironed onto the arm of the garment too.

My first thought was to just iron these directly onto the hoodies, but then I thought that to anyone that wasn't totally into Star Wars it might look a bit like my kids were wearing some sort of bizarre bomb strapped to them?!? In the interests of not having random strangers calling homeland security on us while we're out and about, I instead ironed the bib part onto white felt and had safety pins to take it on and off the hoodie.

They still have their Rebel Alliance logo ironed directly onto the arm of the hoodie, so they can wear them to school but not look like they are "in costume".

I'm hoping to find some orange velcro at some point that I can use to replace the safety pins, but they are working fine in the mean time and being enjoyed by my rebels! If I spot an orange sleep suit for Delyth, I'm totally making her one too! Promise I'll post a photo if I do :) I might have to crochet her an x-wing pilot's helmet to go with it.
My apologies to any of my readers that aren't into Star Wars. I wasn't expecting the last three posts to be all Star Wars themed, and I know we've had minor Star Wars themed marathons in the past with light sabers and storm trooper masks, toys and doll house, and birthday parties, but that's it for a while I promise! Look , look, look though! These awesome peeps have had a go making the R2s and blogged about it. Makes me very happy to see that there are families that are up for the same antics as we are.

We got to benefit from other Star Wars crafty people's ideas this valentine's too, because my older daughter made a version of the glow stick light saber valentines we saw here at Stitch/Craft for her class.  Ffion wanted to do the lolly pop valentines that we've done before for hers. Thank you to all the fab readers that got in touch to let me know that you'd done our giant lollypop valentines this year after they appeared in Family Fun magazine. It's really lovely to see projects I put up on here being done by other families around the world. The kids get a real kick out of seeing those photos too!

One last thing, I'm behind on replying to my emails, so please don't think I'm ignoring you if you've emailed me asking about something and I haven't got back to you yet. I can read my emails while I'm nursing Del, but replying to them whilst nursing means I can only use one hand to type and that's kinda slow going ;) Here's a photo of a cute baby for you to look at while I'm mashing one finger on the keyboard to write my replies...

Actually two last things! Happy mother's day to all the mums in the UK for tomorrow! If you're reading this mum, I loves ya!

Oh! Actually three last things! Paul just did a post over on his blog about the doll house we made based on our own house for Carys's birthday present last year. The kids love it, and he's said that if anyone wants to make one like it then to get in touch and he'll write out the plans and measurements he worked out to put on the blog. I still have a load of photos of things that are on our walls that I need to print out and stick on and varnish over, but we figure this is a work in progress and we'll add to it as we find the time.


  1. Thank you for sharing the printable. I think your idea of ironing it onto felt is fantastic! I'm a longtime reader, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see that you mentioned the glow stick valentines, your version is adorable! And that doll house. Wow. Beyond amazing.

  2. Your creativity inspires meto greater things too I hope.

  3. It's nice to see costumes for girls that are not gender stereoptyped. Well done!

  4. Just stumbled upon your blog...planning a lesson about weight and had searched for ideas on how to make a scales! Yours was by far the best I found.

    Since you said you were looking for orange velcro, maybe this could be of some use?

    Keep up the amazing blog!

  5. Aw, thanks for the link love, my boys love their R2s! I am almost scared to show them the helmets and pilot outfits because I know they'll want them too. Ah well, school holidays next week so we might tackle it then. Loving it!

  6. Wow this is awesome! Do you just print on to the iron-on paper? I'm (very) new to printing for iron-on.


  7. I love it how you incorporate Star Wars into their play. It's so cute!

  8. Umm, I'm speechless. Almost. You are seriously inspiring me to not buy Halloween outfits next year and to make these instead. BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for such a great DIY costume. You are amazing!

  9. You can get any color velcro you want. It's dyeable with Rit dye, the kind you find at the supermarket. Easy peasy.

  10. Great blog ,easy costume pilot ,awesome

  11. I just stumbled on this. If you think I'm not going to make myself one of these to wear as an adult, you are crazy.


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