Dec 20, 2013

3D Printable Christmas Tree Card

Hello! I have a Christmas printable I made for you! I made a baby too, but I'll show you him in the next post. Anyhoo, this printable card thingy I made, it's over at and if you like colouring in then you're going to love it. Lots of little decorations to colour! All you need is card to print it on, colouring pencils, scissors, and glue. We filled ours with sweets to give to the kid's teachers at the end of term.

Also, here are 15 of our Christmas time posts from current to years gone by (list and links below this image) in case anyone is looking for a few extra ideas of things to do with the kidletts.

Oh go on, you've twisted my arm, here are some photos of the cute baby with his sisters (I'll tell you more about him soon) Now that we have four kids, Paul has started nicknaming them "Eenie, Meenie, Mynee, and Mo." He's 6 weeks old now and completely rad!

Happy Holidays 
my fellow filth wizards!


  1. Yes, just about ;) This last pregnancy was unexpectedly difficult. I'm not sure if people want to read my diatribe about the epic pregnancy saga of 2013, but finally... I'm back! I gave my crutches back to the hospital yesterday, so things are looking up. Worth it though of course, as the littlest wizard is terrific! :)

  2. I am always ├╝ber-excited when I see a new Filth Wizard post. Congratulations on your newest love.. He is a gorgeous super-chunk!!

  3. I was just thinking about you the other day, Lindsey! I'm sorry to read you've had a time of it, but congratulations on the newest and oh-so-cute addition to your family! Thanks for the tree... coloring is fun at any age if you ask me. :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Hurrah!!! Been waiting for your return!

  5. Oh, he's just precious! So happy for you all. :)

  6. Congratulations! I've been checking for new posts so am glad you're back.


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