Dec 12, 2008

Christmas wreaths

We tried out a couple of ways to make wreath decorations. One was using up a few left over paper plates that happened to be a bit green and the other was a little bit more involved, using sheets of newspaper and tying it up with string then wrapping it in green party streamers from the dollar store.
The kids cut up and glued on more of the green streamers to look like leaves and then they scrunched up balls of red streamer to be the berries. I made some bows out of the red streamer for them to stick on the bottom and then we couldn't resist adding a little glitter too.
I think the little newspaper ones looked the cutest. They were made with just one sheet of newspaper.
I think we ended up with 8 wreaths, but, well, some got used as frisbees and some got taken home, so I've just got the pic of the one nice finished one. The others weren't so tidy but the kids had fun making them and then more fun playing with them. Ffion used the big one like a hula hoop.


Unknown said...

I love the newspaper wreath! I featured this project on my "Trashy Tuesday" post today. :) I also used one of your pictures, too. Hope you don't mind!

The Duckworth Family said...

I'm putting together a family night kit for a church event and am going to use this idea for the lsson on Christmas Symbols. Would you mind if I use your finished picture of the wreath (with your blog as reference)?

The Duckworth Family said...

Oh by the way the best way to respond is my email

Cassi said...

So cute and simple too! I'll be sharing on The Crafty Crow soon :)