Aug 1, 2008

Reusable mural

My kids just love playing with water. It can be the bath tub, the pool, the beach, a plastic box full and mermaid toy, puddles, sprinklers anything, so I'm always looking for crafts that can involve water and preferably outside.

For this one we hosed down the side of the house and cut up a load of shapes out of coloured construction paper, then let the kids dip the paper in a bucket of water and stick them to the wet wall. The pieces stick until they dry and then they fall off, so you can use them again and again if they don't blow away. I think next time we'll try cutting up some of our junk mail to add to the collage.

They drew on some sidewalk chalk too and that hosed off without leaving any marks and because the wall was wet the chalk colours were much brighter.

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Anonymous said...

wonderful idea! doing this in the summer with my preschooler. Lovely blog. Keep it coming!