Jan 26, 2009

Tag! you're it.

Well, I feel like a bit of a cop out here, because this is the first post that isn't actually a kid craft project.

I need to say thank you to Rainbowmummy you see, who writes a blog called Organising the Jellybeans. She tagged me with a sort of web award doodad, called the Proximidade Award, that is making the rounds between bloggers. I'm not sure where it originates from though, other than it must be of Portugese descent. I've seen a few of these award thingies pop up in RSS feeds, but this is the first time that someone has tagged me with an award. I'm rather flattered that you added me to your award list, especially as the award proclaims itself to be about valuing proximity, relationships and making friends over the intertubes.

I'm rather quiet in the grand scheme of bloggerdom. I started Filth Wizardry only half a year ago, as a kind of journal of the craft and art that we get up to. It encourages me to make sure the camera is around to record stuff a bit more and save up the memories. I like the idea that I can save it all for the kids to see when they are older and for me to reminise in a few years when they stop thinking I am cool.

I also hope that gradually I'll run into more people like Rainbowmummy, who will say hi and have a laugh and share ideas, so we can subject our children to more messy mayhem and buy shares in Mr Clean Magic Eraser together.

I'm supposed to pass this award on in a pyramid scheme stylee way to eight more bloggers, but honestly I'm still a bit too new at this game to point to that many people, so instead I'll make one person the most specialest one and you can all bite me for my blatant disregard for rules.

A few weeks ago I came across a blog called "Miss Smith at home". Miss smith's sense of humour really tickles me and her robots totally float my boat. When I was drawing the scribbly robot parts for the tin foil robots we made I was influenced by the bots I'd seen her sew. So go check her out, way over there in New Zealand, with her cheeky robotic creations, wholesome lifestyle, and comedic writing that delights the 95% of me that is utterly childishly daft.

I promise I'll butt out now and that the next post will be something else freaky that the kids made.

Thanks again Rainbowmummy!


Miss Smith said...

How extremely lovely to stumble accross your blog, and see such a complimentary description of my blog! Thanks so much!

I've just been admiring your good-time robot creations made of cardboard and tinfoil- they are SO cool! I love those printable pages of robot accessories- they will be put into action at our place and I'll let you know how they go!

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Ha! Don't worry I am pretty sure this counts as a crafty post, a kid did make that right? Right? No. Oh erm yes it's amazingly well made....

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Hey I almost forgot, I read somewhere that there is this company that will make you blog into a personal book! That would be a pretty neat thing to have for memory sake