Feb 4, 2009

Valentine's Butterflies

This is a cute little craft we saw on a blog called "No time for flash cards". Allie, who writes the blog has a huge number of very simple and cute craft ideas that are suitable for very young kids. She also posts songs and book suggestions. I have mostly four year olds to cater to when we do crafts here, but I have to make sure that the crafts we do are things that the two year olds can also accomplish. This is just one of those crafts!

A few weeks back I picked up two packets of valentine doileys from the dollar store, thinking I'd get the kids to tape them to the windows or something, but after seeing Allie's butterfly craft, we had to have a go. We used tape to stick the large and small doillies together into the butterfly shapes. I cut out the bodies for the kids to add and then we taped on some silver tie tags as antenna. The kids went to town with pens, glitter glue, foam heart stickers from the Target dollar section and some boggly eyes.

Thanks Allie! The kids love them and they are up on our windows ready for valentine's day.

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Allie said...

Those are beautiful ! Wow I love the double wings and foam hearts. I love your blog too, awesome stuff .