May 5, 2009

Thank you and thank you and, ooh look, pretty flashy lights

Thank you!
First thank you is to Mary Anne at Thrifty Craft Mama, who gave me a blog award a while ago. It's called the "Premio Dardos" award. Premio Dardos means “Darts award” in Italian, so I guess I shouldn't be calling it the premio dardos award, because that would be the darts award award. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing and I fear the previous sentance I typed just made me exempt from the literary aspect of this award. Hey ho.

So thank you Mary Anne, and in slacker style as per usual I'm going to ignore the protocol of passing this along to 15 other bloggers. I do want to take the opportunity to send you off to a totally awesome site though. I found this site by David V Williamson not long ago and was so excited by the wonderful things that the he had made with such simple everyday bits and pieces. I really want to try making some, no, a LOT of this stuff. The kids will be enthralled with so many of those projects and I'm overly optimistic about being able to build some of that stuff together with them too. I'll let you know how we get along obviously.

Thank you!
The second thank you is for Marie at Makes and Takes for making Filth Wizardry blog of the week over there last week. Hopefully some new folk have come through to us and will join the messy mayhem as we go along.

Oooh, look! Pretty flashy lights!
I've been a bit slow posting things lately. Cute man I live with had all his wisdom teeth out amongst other events, so I'm playing catch up with getting projects we've done onto the blog. He's had some sedentary whilst high on pain killers time available to start his own blog, which is cool, because he's been meaning to chronicle his adventures into electronics for a while now. He's got a few posts on there about kid projects if you fancy a gander...

You can find his stuff at Fangletronics.

Question is now, do I have it in me to upload some of today's kid projects, or is the Himalayan-esque pile of laundry calling my name?


MaryAnne said...

That David V. Williamson site looks amazing! I need to show it to my hubby...

LiEr said...

I'm with MaryAnne - I just went and looked at that site a few minutes ago and I want to do lots of the stuff, too! That magnetic lock is going to keep me up at night, trying to figure out if I have all the stuff at home to make it. Thank you for the link and congratulations on the award!