Dec 20, 2009

No icing candy cane cookies

My kids like making cookies. Actually they love making cookies. I should imagine in that respect they are far from unusual children. I think I've blogged about us making several experimental cookies before. The ones I can remember are:

The leprecaun gold at the end of the rainbow cookies

The Giant cookie and cookie pizza efforts

The lacing cookies that were done quite recently

For all of these we've just used regular plain old sugar cookie dough. The kids love how it tastes, and it's an easy type of dough for them to work with rolling and cutting, plus it's pretty pale in colour, so you can play with food colouring with it easily.

This time I wanted to try and make Christmas cookies that didn't require icing. I like to be able to dip my cookies (although I call them biscuits) in my tea, and icing is no good for that, plus it's a hassle to whip egg whites and all that guff to make royal icing. The answer I decided was to make a batch of sugar cookie dough that was half red and half plain, so we could make candy canes.

Roll out a bit of red and a bit of white into long snakes.

Then twist them up and roll them a bit more.

plonk on a baking sheet and curve over the top into a candy cane shape and squish it down a little to make it flatter.

Bake happily and see if you can manage to get a picture of your children with them before they inhale them.

Oh look, the second batch out of the oven I was actually able to get near to to take a pic before they were nommed!
Also, make sure your kids are well fed before you embark on this, because my three year old was peckish enough that she just wanted to eat the dough raw and flip out like a ninja when her dough snakes broke. So she ended up keeping her self composed by cutting shapes with cookie cutters. The burly man of the house made the wee pretty little flower :)

We only did half the batch of dough with the kids, so there was more for me to play with after they had gone to bed. I decided to make dinky little ones that could be hooked on the edge of a cup of tea.

I'd seen this post about making cute mini gingerbread houses at "Not Martha" and knew that I didn't have the dedication to cut out all those pieces and make icing and stick them together, so a candy cane seemed like the easy option, and just the right shape to hang too. The kids scarfed them before they had a chance to hang on anything. By the way, I have been informed by my children that the collinder full of shredded christmas tree and snipped up mardi gras beads is "reindeer food". So, if you find sparkly poop on your lawn on Christmas day, you know you scored a hit on Santa's good list.

So, if you want to drink your tea in a lady like festive way then give it a go.

Or if you have a blood:tea ratio to maintain like I do then maybe something a little more substantial ;)


Unknown said...

Lovely cookies! The "reindeer food" beads reminded me of a little baggie my mother gave my son one year - It was filled with oatmeal and irridescent glitter, and a cute label that said "Reindeer Food". of course, the intention was for him to sprinkle it over our lawn on Christmas Eve, so that the reindeer would have something to eat while Santa had his cookies! Think I'll go stir up a batch right now..

Jamie said...

Yah, that ratio looks pretty much like mine, although I use a GIANT starbucks cup!

My kids will love doing this, thanks!

maryanne said...

Very nice, and so much easier without sticky icing involved.

Vone said...

I love the mini candy canes. I remember a family friend always making candy cane cookies - they were almost shortbread. So Yummy.
If we have time/ bored maybe I'll give it a try with my girls.

Jennifer Barlow said...

Love the candy cane idea. What recipe did you use for the sugar cookie dough?

Dot said...

these look so easy :) I'll be linking today on

Lindsey said...

Gofish, quite often we are dirty rotten cheaters when it comes to sugar cookie dough, because I grab a few bags of sugar cookie mix when it's really discounted after holidays like halloween or easter or christmas. You just have to add a third of a stick of butter and an egg to that, which is easy when the kids are hopping around all over the place. I've used an online recipe before that worked well too. I think it was this one...

I'll probably get a few more bags of the mix after Christmas though, because they sell them off very cheap because they have images of Christmas cookies on the packaging.

Juliana. I'm definitely going to let my kids chuck oatmeal and glitter all over the lawn on Christmas eve. They will think that is hilarious fun! Thanks.

Dazia said...

That looks like about the size of my tea cup as well. And I drink around 3-4 a day. :) Earl Grey. What about you?

Lindsey said...

I drink "builder's tea" (PG tips). I'm British, so it's practically a genetic disorder ;)

Anonymous said...

I always make these exact cookies this time of year! The only difference is that we don't roll ours again after joining them, so they're more 3-D.

They're adorable either way!

Liz said...

These are great. I'm going to have to remember these for next year.

Heather said...

those looked great! I have been making sugar cookies a ton this week and I just discovered an easy icing that is great. You should try it: about a cup powdered sugar, tsp vanilla, splash of milk and splash of corn syrup. I fool with it until its not too runny but thin enough to spread easily. It is great because it self levels so it looks perfect and it dries hard. I know that I didn't give you real measurements but just wing it and I bet you'll be happy with the results.

katherinemarie said...

Those are FABULOUS!!! I have such a weakness for frosting... these would be great for next year so I won't be tempted by that sinful icing!


Kate said...

these are some of my husband's favorite holiday cookies. We top ours with crushed candy canes..

Vacskamati said...

Hi KM! I made these cookies with my daughters as Easter eggs (posted in Hungarian), thanks for the great idea!! :)