May 28, 2008

Frosted Flakes Toddlerbots

I'm always amazed by how much recycling mounts up for a family of four. Seeing as there's usually a stash of various shaped empty containers and cardboard in the kitchen waiting to go out to the recycle bin, we usually play with it a bit before it gets there.

We cut face sized holes and in a couple of the gigantic multi bag cereal boxes, turned them inside out, taped them back together and then the kids spent a good 40 minutes to an hour decorating the "robot heads" with paint and stickers. I rolled up a piece of aluminium foil and taped it to the top of each as antenna.

The Ffionator 5000 and Beedasbot were born and a good afternoon of make believe play ensued.

N.B. I realised after I'd cut the peepholes that if I'd done it with the box the right way up then it would look like they had Tony the tiger's miniture body before we turned the boxes inside out for painting.

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Anonymous said...

crazy cute!