May 21, 2008

Pancake art

Special weekend breakfasts now involve fruit and "pancake art" for us. To create these fun treats:
  • mix your regular pancake batter making sure that it has no lumps at all.
  • pour into a ziplock baggy and seal.
  • snip a teensy hole in one corner of the ziplock bag.
  • pipe out the batter into the hot pan fairly quickly and in whatever shape your littlies request.

N.B. Remember that all your art work has to be touching for you to be able to pick it up in one and flip it and you have to work quite quickly so that it cooks evenly.

Extra Skills: If you can pipe your name in mirror image and then wait a moment before flooding your drawing with more batter then when you flip the pancake you will have your name embedded in the pancake and slightly darker golden brown than the rest of the pancake.


Brandi said...

Absolutely love this idea, Lindsey! I will try it the next time I make pancakes.

Karin said...

so cute! so far, I've only ever done initials and smiley-faces. I'll have to try some fancier shapes next time.

by the way, I saw a post on Valentine's day where someone hadput some food coloring in their baggie of batter, and so had pink hearts in the pancake middles...