Jul 22, 2008

"I'm you!" masks.

Thought the kids would have some fun if we made them masks of each other, so they could swap identities and be silly.

It was pretty quick to do. Took a photo, printed it out on a full page, glued it to a bit of cardboard box. Cut it out. Used an exacto knife to cut out the iris of the eyes, so the kids could look through the masks. Gaffer taped a popsicle stick to the back and then to make them a bit more durable I put some strips of packing tape over them.
Here's a pic of my two year old pretending to be my three year old with her mask.

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Fab said...

Waw! I discovered your blog one hour ago and I'm reading all your posts! Just love all what I see!!!! I have 2 stepkids of 9&7. I already have picked some of beautifull ideas to adapt for them and for me!! Thanks a lot! (artistic pancakes, abstract art with snails, star wars lightsaber, gow in the dark wall, stamp with plasticine etc etc!!!!!) You are so talented!!