Dec 3, 2008

From old tights to snowmen.

A friend of ours recently gave us some of the clothes that her daughter had grown out of. Thank you Myla! Well, the clothes were great, but included in the bag were some pairs of tights. Now my girls flat out refuse to wear tights of any kind. They claim that they are "too tight". Clue's in the name kids. Anyway... These were white kid's winter tights. Ah haaaaa! I thought. I have four children here at my kitchen table and two pairs of white tights. What terrifying monstrosity of a Christmas themed thing can I get them to create?

...and here is the answer. Homemade snowmen decorations.

Steps to creating your own drunken, boss eyed Frosty:

By the way, you really need a glue gun, because with one, this project will be fun. Without one, this project will be a giant pain in the arse.
  • Cut feet off tights, cut legs off too, so you have tubes.
  • Push one end through a hole in the center of a cardboard circle and glue it down on the other side.

  • Pull the tube over the cardboard circle to create a base for your snowman.
  • glue this onto an upsidedown paper plate to help it stand up.
  • Stuff with a load of soft toy filling, or cotton wool, or toilet roll or whatever.
  • twist the top and fold it over on itself and glue down the edges.
  • Tie something around where the neck is supposed to be to separate the white blob into a head and body shape.
  • We used some baby socks that the kids had outgrown to make woolly hats for the snowmen, but if you had more time little top hats would look very cute.

  • magic markers and stick on eyes and some snowflake stickers and random glitter pompoms made up the rest of the decor.

The kids were really proud of these freaky little dudes. As usual with everything that I end up doing with the kids, if you had fewer children, older children or a bit more time then you could make something quite aesthetically pleasing rather than something that looks like it a)has the cold dead eyes of a killer. b)is screaming to be released from it's own body. c)has an opiate problem. Or d)has already started melting.


tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

These are awesome! You are too freakin' funny! Don't you think it's hilarious when all these craft books have photos of kids making stuff and all the stuff is eerily perfect? "Ok craft book so that three year old made that, yes sure he did..."

I need to get me a glue gun, I always assumed the glue was toxic..

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! What do you do with the drunken snowmen after the holidays?

Lindsey said...

Ah, two of them went to another home with the kids that made them. My two kept theirs and played with them through the holidays. One got too damaged to keep, but the other is in the box of decorations to pull out this year. I wonder if they will remember him.

Heather @ Raising Memories Blog said...

Thank you for such a fabulous idea!! We loved trying this!

Lana said...