May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day.

Well, in the US (which is where we live at the moment). I already wished my mum happy Mothers Day back in April, because my mum, dad and sister live back in the UK :) This is me with my lovely mum. I hate only getting to see her once a year now that we live so far away.

It seems a little strange to post Mothers Day craft ideas on a blog like this, given that I think most of my readers are actually mums, but I know I have at least a handful of dads that read this blog too, so maybe if you're thinking you might want a last minute gift that the kids can get involved with making today, here are a few ideas from Filth Wizardry posts of the past. I chose these ones because flowers tend to be a hit, and also because these few ideas will likely be doable with stuff you have around anyway, so no need to go out and get anything.

These are the cute drawings that my girls made for me this morning. My five year old drew our family with me looking surprised at the cake that is taller than me.

My six year old seems to think I will be getting cake, chocolate, balloons and a throne!? There had better be cake at some point in the day, because you don't go showing a woman who is 8 months pregnant multiple pictures of cake and then not give her any!

Have a lovely mum's day! :)


MaryAnne said...

Happy Mother's Day!

We're celebrating with cake; too bad I can't have a throne as well ;)

Kory said...

Oh I'm with you on the cake mama! I'm not far behind you pregnancy wise and I'm craving it! Happy Mother's Day!

Hani said...

The drawings are so pretty! :D