May 26, 2012

Coffee Cup Sleeve printable for your Teacher

It's nearly the end of the school year here in our bit of California. The kids actually only have three days left of school, which is shocking to me. I'm sure it was last week that Ffion went off to her first day of kindergarten with her "writing arm" in a plaster cast. Here we are though, on the brink of the summer vacations (this year's is going to be a pretty epic and challenging one for our family, but that's for another post). I just wanted to share with you the printable that I made last week to personalize the kid's teacher's gift cards that we got them.

The teachers that my girls have had so far have all been fanbloodytastic. Really really lovely people with a genuine passion and drive for what they do. The kids don't get the issues like the chronic lack of funding and curriculum difficulties, but they can feel the dedication these teachers have and boy do they love them for it! The last couple of years I've knitted something for the teachers, but this year time has been tight (plus all knitting has been directed towards friends and family that have been relentlessly making tiny people that all need cardigans damnit!). So this year for each teacher I got them a Starbucks gift card and made this "Top Teacher" print out sleeve to cover a take out coffee cup that we put the gift card in. Pretty simple, but both teachers this year love Starbucks, so everyone's a winner baby!

If you'd like to do the same, you can find the printable download (for free of course) over at Alpha Mom, here.

I also wanted to let you know that the bloke I am affiliated with has written the post he's been meaning to for ages over on his own blog, that shows the birthday present he made for Ffion this year. (he wrote about the house he made for Carys last year here).

In other news... Delyth started walking and is all over the place and into everything. It's very very cute but she's really keeping me on my toes here. I had to tape some wood to the bottom of the ladder to the kid's loft bed yesterday to stop her trying to climb it! No sitting still for pictures any longer.

Back to explain our summer plans when I get a mo :)