Aug 1, 2008

Watermelon box wendy house

We made a trip to Costco the other night and managed to squish a deconstructed watermelon box and three huge sheets of cardboard that were between layers of cans on the pallets there into our lickle car, along with the whole family and our purchases. It was a tad claustrophobic on the way home, but it isn't far.
When we got home and the kids had gone to bed I set about fashioning a wendy house out of it all. For the cost of a roll of gaffer tape the kids woke up to a wendy house with doors, windows, shelves, their artwork framed on the walls and it looked quite cute after we'd put all the teaset/toy microwave/baby dolls/bath mat rugs and some other random stuff in there. The roof was just one of those elasticated crib sheets that are like mini fitted sheets, so I didn't have to tape it on or anything. All in all it was quite easy to put together, very cheap and only took one person one evening to do and now it looks like we have a shanty town in our livingroom, which is classy.
I'm hoping that it lasts a little while before we need to put it out with the recycling, but the bottom box is so sturdy that even if the top part gets mangled then we can make the bottom into something else like a pirate ship or a train or something


tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

OMG. I am reading your blog through and I was so determined not to comment (as I am a dork and you get 50 OMG ILOVE IT'S would be annoying) but this is freakin' amazing. I love it!

Ps, it's about the same size as my kitchen :0/

bethany said...

This is AMAZING!! I am feeling quite motivated by your creativity, but not sure that what I would come up with would be as cool.

Anonymous said...

shanty towns are classy. i love it

Julie said...

This is so awesome!

umm khadeeja said...

I'm quite gutted!!!! I've just spent £65 on a wooden toy shop for the kids.....this is way cooler and far more individual....and cheap!!!!! love it!

Anabella said...

Fantastic! How did you make the shelves? Hope you're doing well. Love your blog.