Jun 12, 2009

Back from vacation.

Hidy hi!

We had us some lovely vacation time and following some quality jet lag and illness I think we're ready to resume play.

Sad to announce that the rocket ship bit the dust following over three months of constant preschooler abuse. Fair play to it though, it really took some punishment, housing up to eight nutty children at a time and being used amongst other things as an escape vehicle from many pretend earthquakes and for screenings of toddler arthouse movies.

RIP costco cardboard. Back to the recycling you go...
Anyhooo, we're playing with the contents of the recycling bin again, so can you guess what we're going to be making out of this pile of junk? Well, it's not all junk. That yellow plastic tub is from the dollar store, but the rest of it is random nonsense out of our recycling bin.
I'll post up the project as soon as we're done. Probably Sunday.

Good to be back :)


LiEr said...

Good to have YOU back, KM. Can't wait to see what genius thing is waiting to emerge from that pile of stuff there. Condolences on the rocketship. It was a real phenomenon. Maybe a space station next. Crossing fingers.

Unknown said...

Hi! No idea what you are doing!?! But you did inspire me to pull out an "invention box" of clean recycling that I'd put aside & haven't used in ages! Thanks!!

Karin said...

Welcome home! I too am saddened by the news of the rocket ship. I assume you did keep the blast-off button?

Looking forward to seeing what you and your munchkins come up with next...

Cassi said...

I love your blog and would like to link (with pictures) to several of your posts. I couldn't find an email address for you so would you mind contacting me? hellocraftycrow@gmail.com
Thanks and welcome home!