Sep 24, 2010

Things and stuff and you lot.

Not a project this time I'm afraid, but wait! There are a lot of links to things and stuff that you lot have done based on the projects I post on here. I know I try to do this every now and again, but dang, you lot have been busy this month and I have a lot of links here suddenly!

Before I start on that though, I want to say sorry that it took me so long to put that email subscription doohicky on the side bar! I've had people emailing me about sorting that out for at least a year! Hope it's nice and useful for those of you not using a reader. I know my posts on here are relatively infrequent and somewhat erratic when compared to the majority of bloggers, so checking back at regular intervals doesn't really guarantee you anything. Hopefully this helps with that frustration :)

Here's a picture of some gratuitous paint mess to break up all the text ;)

Right! Over to Filth Wizardry's reader's creations! Hope some of these give anyone on the fence about trying something they have seen on here, the gumption to have at it!

  • Liz at "The Quilted Turtle" made her son a tshirt with our plastic bag iron on decal method, here. (by the way, I keep meaning to update you on the longevity of these experimental decals we've done. The disney princess vest, which was the first one I did is still intact and has been through the dryer on a low heat several times too, so that's about eight months it's lasted for so far)

  • I've got three links to readers that have tried the stained glass tissue paper window. Maureen over at "Twig and Toadstool" blogged about theirs here. I love that they had several smaller windows to work with! At "Petit Papier Caillou Ciseaux" they did this project on the lower part of a window and added some cute teeny flowers, here. Over at "Scott School" they made a big version too, here. Ours is still up and going strong. I expected the colours to have faded, but they are still nice and bright, so that makes me even happier about it lasting as long as it is.

  • The craft foam bath murals have been a hit with other readers too! I guess you can't beat a craft that involves pretty much zero clean up! Here's a veritable tubfull from "Minnis Moments", and here's a windowfull over at "My Misty Cliff Musings". Nice alternative to the bath if you haven't got tiled walls. More over at "A Dream House for Trish" here. Mmm how I love your nice clean white tiles! I'm still trying to find a decent way to get oil pastels off grout by the way. It seems I may have to regrout or be really awful and just try and cover it up with white oil pastel!

  • Hooray for those of you that tried our paper pirate swords that I wrote about over on Alpha Mom! A couple of people wrote to tell me that they had made batches for preschool and for a birthday party. We made a bunch for my older daughter's 4th birthday party and I have wonderful memories of all the swashbuckling nonsense from that day :) Indie Tutes blogged about the ones they made on a chilled out Friday afternoon, here.

  • The bandana skirt craft I wrote about in that same Alpha Mom post got good feedback too, and again the crew at "My Misty Cliff Musings" had a go with the same method, but her own material rather than bandanas, here.

  • Last piratey one for today! This is a blast from the past for me! It was the first ever picture on the first ever post on Filth Wizardry that was our pancake art pirate ship, and over at "Little Page Turners" they made their own, just yesterday! Check it out with their other pirate food, here.

  • Over at "Endeavor Learning Center" they built their own wall purely in order to set up a music wall for the kids! Kudos! I love the bells that they have on there too. Check it out here.

  • I know it was only a few days ago that I posted the plasticine stamping project, but already people have had a go and found the time to blog about it too! I tell you, you're a keen lot! Look at the top notch Egyptian hieroglyph stamps over at "Re-creo de Colores", here! They did some fantastic experimentation with this over at "Six Golden Coins" here too. I love the strawberry leaf. Love it!

  • Christie at "Childhood 101" made her daughter a beginner's sewing basket, here, and included our shelf liner embroidery idea in the kit. She had a nice sized embroidery hoop for hers too, which must have made things even easier.

  • I got a lovely email from Kirstene about how she made our glow in the dark light sabers for a load of people. She blogs about her girlies playing with them here, and then she made a little kit up and sent one to her brother in law for his birthday... here. She sent me a video of her brother larking around with the one she sent him too, but I can't blasted well get blogger to upload it at the moment. If Blogger stops tormenting me then I'll share it with you, because he's got some light saber sound effect skills to be proud of ;) I love that adults are enjoying this project as much as the kids! We're actually getting a bunch of kids together to make them again in a week or so when my older daughter turns six :)

  • Lastly, I got an email from Robin about our crafts that she tried out with her kid's craft group. They tried the fairy houses and fairy wings, the tin foil toadstools and even the shelf liner sewing craft in one day with a bunch of little girlies. Robin was kind enough to share some photos with me. Cute overload, so brace yourself...

Lots of lovely links for you to peruse there. I only linked to the reader's projects, not ours, with the exception of Robin's craft fun, because I think all of the posts link back to the specific Filth Wizardry project that inspired them, so if you're curious you can go through to them and come back to us to see those.

If you have a go at any of our projects and want me to post a picture or link to a blog post that you have written about it then just let me know. I put these little lists together every now and again to spread the enthusiasm and give you all a virtual high five for mess in the name of fun. If you also have Courgette plants that are covered in blue paint then I owe you a chest bump!

If you've emailed me about anything recently, I promise I am trying to email you back, it's just taking me a while to get through them :)I'm about two weeks behind at the moment, so if you've emailed me about anything and it's been a month or something silly and I've not got back to you yet then alas I may have totally missed your email, so please feel free to resend it and don't think I'm ignoring you, I'm just a bit disorganized this end ;)


Earth Momma Mer said...

You are an amazingly crafty mom inspiration to all of us! Thanks for the wonderful posts and thank you for sharing the others. I'm sure it is rewarding to see your crafts being taken on by others - all over the world!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your ideas. I have 2 daughters, ages3&5. Thanks to you we have done homemade playdoh, fairy wings for polly dolls, foam cut out bath mural (outside version), the Lego paper cut outs, the road/town on shower curtain and I have the sewing kits with shelf liner in the works. I sincerely appreciate you sharing your ideas. Susan from NJ.

xo, Joan said...

Every month I look forward to a new inspiration from your delicious blog! This month is no exception, and in fact, I'm excited to a try out a new idea for the mosaic tissue paper AND make a couple bag/decal embellished t-shirt skirts.

I'm taking advantage of the many times I find old frames w/glass at garage sales...gluing the glass or even plexiglass into the frame, eliminate the wire hanging hardware, and decoupage on the glass to my heart's content. Could be abstract designs or even seasonal ones for event decorating. When done, insert eye hooks at the top of the frames,insert a ribbon to create a hanger or even slip ribbon or wire through the existing hanger on the back. Place hook at top of window-frame, and voila! Framed mosaic "sun-catchers" in a variety of sizes that can be changed out seasonally, or become a semi-permanent installation!

Our home has three 30"x96" plain glass windowpanes above three 8' sliding glass doors that these creations will simply look stunning hanging in front of or even leaning on the sill up against the windowpanes. I've been wanting to hang traditional stained-glass panels here, but never got around to learning that craft. This seems a much more doable, quick and easier process for a great look! Possibilities are endless! Faux finishes are a favorite of mine, so I'm anxious to incorporate that when finishing the used (or even new) frames!

AND thanks for yet another inspiring craft to share with my granddaughter. She'll love making her own decals for me to iron on some t's. Another after-school project in the bag :)

Happy creating!

xo, Joan

Unknown said...

FWIW, instead of getting email updates, I have you on my Google start page... That way, I can see immediately if you've updated. Oh, and I check, believe you me....

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the sweet words of encouragement :) You guys are really quite lovely and supportive!

Earth Momma, I think that's my favourite thing about this blog, seeing photos of kids on other sites trying the stuff we've posted on here. If no one was using these ideas then the drive just wouldn't be there to continue posting them I don't think. It's also especially nice to have a record of all this making and doing for my family to look back on, because I'm sure if I hadn't been writing this blog then I would never be able to recall nearly 200 things we'd done in the last two years. my memory just isn't that good!

Susan, so cool to hear that you're trying multiple projects from here with your daughters! It seems that I've got a lot of very motivated readers out there!

Joan, I love the idea of the faux stained glass frames hanging on the windows! Ever since the kids made ours I've been wanting to make one myself, but the draw of new projects has kept me from it so far. Please please show us the results when you make them!

and Julianna, it's very flattering that my negligence has resulted in Filth Wizardry being your start page ;) Hope the email subscription helps for you :)

Green Bean said...

You inspire us with all of your creative ideas - and willingness to let the kids go at it. Thank you! We've given you a blog award at Green Phone Booth (

Christianne @ Little Page Turners said...

So glad you saw that! I meant to go back and comment, but didn't get a chance. Speaking of not getting a chance, I did a whole pirate themed week JUST so I could make those bandanna skirts and newspaper swords, but my kids got sick which threw off my whole week. Next year!

Thanks for all the inspiration!

Susan said...

Could you be any cooler? It's 1:30 AM and I'm still reading blog entries. My kids would love spending a day at your house! Thank you for some great inspiration for winter projects. Can't wait to see what you do next. No pressure:>

N. said...

I loved the decoupage window, but I still want to know how easy (or difficult) it is to clean off when you decide it needs to come down!