Apr 24, 2011

Origami Bunny Ear Headband

I know this is a little late in the game for an Easter craft, but the idea only occurred to me yesterday when we had some friends over and I was making paper planes and boats with them.  We made these headbands today for the kids that were hunting for eggs in our back yard. Very quick and easy to whip up! Thought I'd get a post up quick in case you want to make some with the kids on Easter Monday.

All you need for one pair of bunny ears are two sheets of paper, a stapler a strip of card and a little bit of elastic.

If you've been hanging out with us here for more than a year or so then you might remember a post way back about "origami for preschoolers" that I wrote. Well, in that post is a little tutorial for how to make the paper boats that we used to make these bunny ears. It's a quick little bit of origami that you can use a regular bit of A4 or letter sized piece of paper for, so you don't even need to cut paper to be square like you have to with a lot of origami.

Fold up and turn out your two sheets of paper into two little origami boats following the instructions in the "origami for preschoolers" post.

Then fold down one end of each of the boats like this.

and staple them to the strip of card you have cut out.

Then you just need to staple on your elastic at the right length for whoever is going to wear them.

Easy peasy! Some of the kids we made them for decorated theirs with markers, but I didn't get any good photos of those.

We did our slightly unusual version of an egg hunt again this year. I wrote about how we do our egg hunts in this post from last year. It's just much nicer to have the kids all working together to find everyone's eggs. They even found eggs for my friends baby, who is nearly one (we filled them with rice and other noise making stuff and hotglued them closed, so she had six different sounding rattles).

Here's the gorgeous girly with her dad, both sporting a pair of the ridiculous bunny ears (hers were made from half sheets of paper). Too cute!

Ooh and one last thing... Don't throw out any of those plastic egg bits, even if you've lost one half of them, because they make great little toadstools for fairy circles in the garden! Ancient post on that project can be found here.


Astrid in Bristling Acres said...

Cute bunny ears!

We made some of those toadstool mushrooms last year- loved them! I think I'm going to make new ones this year but cover the foil with paper mache and then paint the mushrooms (and then put some sort of sealant on them). :-) Maybe they'll hold up better in our rainy, humid weather.

Anonymous said...

Sweet ears!

LiEr said...

I'm a bit late in commenting- I'm sort of catching up with older posts today! Those are very excellent bunny ears! My eldest (6) wanted bunny ears this year. She was determined to BE the easter bunny, and we ended up going out to buy some from Target. I wish I'd remembered this post. It would've been much better than the headband-that-never-stayed-on that we now have three of in the house (because she felt she needed to buy one for each of her sisters).

Also wanted to say that we have the same black scissors! They are awesome. They cut cardboard in ways that knives and saws couldn't.