Sep 8, 2011

DIY cloth pirate maps

Yarrrr! Talk like a pirate day be just around the corner Mateys!

September 19th to be exact. We've been making our own pirate treasure hunting maps over at Alpha Mom this year. It's a very simple project, using things you likely have around the house anyway. These maps will stand the test of time too, because they are cloth and so can't be ripped easily and can also be laundered, providing a keepsake of your child's artwork as well as a nifty play thing.

So me hearties, click over to Alpha Mom to see my post there on how we made these.

Also, if you are new around these parts, you might want to check out last year's Talk Like A Pirate Day craft that I did over there, making rolled newspaper pirate swords and pirate girl bandana skirts for all your feminine swashbuckling needs :)

The technique used to make these maps is one that we've used in the past to make skirts for the kids out of their own artwork, but as you can see, it's such a flexible and easy way to get designs onto cloth, kids can use it to create pretty much anything their hearts desire.

Ooooh, you could even make a pirate map skirt or shorts ;)


Juise said...

I LOVE these maps! What talented young artists you have. I made a pirate kit a year or two ago for one of my daughter's friends. It was a small wooden chest that I painted and distressed and filled with large glass stones, a few fake diamonds from the craft store, an eye patch, a bandana, a bunch of wooden coins of different sizes that I found as blanks and painted gold, silver, and copper, and a treasure map. I made his by printing one out from the internet on iron-on transfer paper and ironing it to a piece of tan felt, cut the edges so they weren't perfectly even, rolled it up, and tied it with a ribbon.

I USED to be happy with it, but now I see that it was not nearly as cool as I thought it was. When we make a treasure map for us, it will definitely be with your method. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Looooove it! And the girly bandanna skirts too!

Melony Bradley said...

LOVE the skirt esp. somehow I missed that post but will have to look it up soon!

Liz said...

I just went back and reread the bandana skirt post. Wonderful. I wish I could get my daughter to be interested in wearing skirts!

paige said...

Amazing! I'm planning a pirate birthday party and will definitely we using this idea!

Beansprouts said...

what a great idea! we soaked paper in coffee to create a weathered look, but the cloth is way better and more play-friendly!

Amyjenc1 said...

I've been following your blog for about two years and this is the first time I've commented (I think.) I love your blog and your husbands. You guys are so clever!

So futher to the point...this is really random, but just about 10 minutes ago one of my great friends put on a Facebook request for used icecream pails.

I have no idea what she is using them for, but my mind went insane. And I felt like I needed to share this insanity.

Could it be a...

Halloween Costume? Building blocks? Craft Supply Holders? Toy Holders? Barbie Bungalow? Lego Holder? Storage Units? Crayon Holder? Marker Holder? Gift Wrapping? Nuts and Bolt Holders? Xena Gauntlets? String of Lights Holder? Piggy Bank? Lunch Box? Purse? Hair Accessories Box? Jewelry Box? Jewelry? Doll House? Boat? Squirrel Coffin? Binoculars? Underwater Mask? Shoe Box? Laundry Sheet Holder? Kleenex Holder? Hat? Shoe Spats? Pond/Puddle Spyglass with Cellophane Bottom? Cord Holder? Fruit Bowl? Veggi-bowl? Planter? Aquarium?

All I know is that with some scissors and paint you could have one fun time with those containers. Either pint, quart, or gallon.

Feel free to use! It all just basically fell out as brain vomit...haha


Crunchy Mama said...

I adore you.

I'm a semi-crafty 25 year old mama of two boys, four and two, who constantly keep me on my toes. The changing financial times have necessitated that Hubby and I move back in with my fifty-something mother, so my projects - as sold online in my store and for the boys - need to be relatively easy to move around, easy to clean up, and easy to pack back away if possible, while still being engaging enough to keep their attention for me to, you know, do dishes or wash laundry.

Your blog fits the bill for ALL of those things, and I freaking love it.

You and your beautiful daughters have captured my attention indefinitely, and I can't wait to see more amazing things! Also, congrats on the baby! :D

(Alternatively, "Arr, matey! Yer scrawlin's be attractin' th' attention of th' rest of th' seven seas! I swear it, on Davy Jones's locker, ye be findin' a new reader in this sea trawler! Back t'yer crew, ye scallywag!")

(I left an identical comment earlier because Hubby was still signed into his Google account, sorry. :( Could you delete it for me please? :D)

Anonymous said...

Great idea. My son would love this project--and I've been wanting to do the DIY painted skirt since I saw that post.

Anonymous said...

I love your pirate skirt and it is so easy to make, I have made several for my great nieces and now the teenagers all want me to make them one, however to get the length they need I am going to have to layer the bandannas and I so far have not figured out how to do that properly. Any suggestions?