Sep 19, 2012

Talk Like a Pirate Day Printable

Hello again! Dust is settling around us as we unpack our shipping here on the UK side of the Atlantic. It was a busy couple of months, but we're just about catching our breath now, and although everything isn't exactly unpacked or even in the room that it should be in, we are somewhat settled. More on all that later though. Right now I'm popping in to give you a link over to a post I just wrote on Alpha Mom for "Talk Like a Pirate Day", which is supposed to be September 19th, but really, honestly, any day is a good day for pretending to be a pirate, right?

I put together this single page printable that you can colour and cut out to dress up your soft toys and give them some piratitude. Ffi and Carys had a lot of fun dressing up their toys and Del had a lot of fun undressing them and sticking the eye patches on her legs (whatever floats your boat matey).

There are also instructions on how to make the nifty little removable pirate hook hand covers for your toys too, so, pop on over to the post (here is the link), download the free printable and have half the toys set sail in the laundry basket with some pillow case sails! It's available as an A4 size or letter size download for ease of printing by pirates from all corners of the seven seas.

Nothing says piratitude quite like a one eyed, golden toothed, bearded Pikachu brandishing a cutlass! Yaaaarrrrrr!!!

If you're interested in more piratey posts that I've done, these are from Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011 and 2010.


Anonymous said...

Arrr! So cute - especially that you do these things for your girls. I have two boys and am just heading down to iron on your X-wing flight suit template onto their t-shirts!

Thanks for sharing such great ideas!

Trina said...

Oh my goodness! That Pikachu is so stinking adorable!!

Rachel said...

Love it, love it, love it...teddy bear next week at my group will now have a piratical area! Thank you so much for this terrific idea! rachel

Ruth Ellis said...

Fantastic - my little one is a 2 year old pirate fan, so this is just lovely - will have to sneakily print one off at work since our home printer has died... that could prompt some funny looks!!!

Anonymous said...

This is AWESOME.

Good luck with the unpacking and the transitioning!

Corinne said...

Talk Like A Pirate Day is my favorite holiday, and these are such great ideas, thanks for sharing the printable!

Anonymous said...

love the skirts! trying to make one and im having difficulty with how to pin the waistband in. any suggestions? thanks