Dec 25, 2012

Paper snowflake fun

Yule tide festive vibes to all!

Just popping in to give you a link over to my post on making paper snowflakes at Alpha Mom. Folding tips to make an easy six sided snowflake, plus some ideas for using them to decorate. Here's a piccy for you to see how we used a big one to conceal the fact that our table is not really one table, but two folding leaf tables next to each other. Just a big strip of wrapping paper and a snowflake and it looks like a giant present (I can't do table cloths at all at our house because they would get stained immediately or everything would get pulled onto the floor by Delyth).
We popped some big snowflakes made from wrapping paper up on the wall too, as well as the usual white paper ones on the windows. So, if you're interested in upping your paper snowflake making game, pop and have a look at the folding instructions and tips over on my post here.
 Happy Holidays and wishing you all a cracking 2013!


Magic and Mayhem said...

They're fabulous! We stain tablecloths pretty much as soon as they're on the table but I buy thrift store tablecloths and they work well to cover our 45 year old dining room table, plus they change the look up with each switch. :) I like your look, though!

Shoes said...

Very pretty! I love the table top idea too.

Jill T said...

I love this, and basically everything that you put on here. What a clever idea to decorate your table, it's perfect. I'm a mom and used to be a teacher and have used many of your ideas! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Aww, Linds, wish I would have looked here sooner. What a great idea to use wrapping paper to make snowflakes. It increases your choices dramatically. Love it!! Once again, so talented. Love the shiny ones on the wall.
Happy New Year to all my Boardmans. xoxoxoxoxo

Lindsey said...

Mrs B! Oh we miss you lady! Delyth still adores the soft toy husky that bears your name. She takes Mel to bed with her most nights. Mel and Del! Hope you are having a good 2013 and that it continues to get better and better too.