Feb 9, 2013

Hershey's Kiss Lighthouse Valentines

I've designed you a printable to make these sweet little lighthouse valentine favors. You sit a Hershey's Kiss in the top of it as the light and then, if you are my kids, you make a "SQUEEEEE!" sound because they are "so tiny and cuuuute!" The message reads "You light the place up!"

You can find the free printable and easy instructions on how to put them together over here at my post on Alpha Mom. Each printed page makes three lighthouses.

Hope you have a lovely love day!


Unknown said...

These are wicked cute!!

Grandma Jean said...

These are darling! How clever you are!

artsandcraftsexpert.com said...

The lighthouses are so cute! I love lighthouses. I bet they were a big hit for your Valentine's Day. Thanks for the post.

Ruth Ellis said...

These are so cute - really lovely! What an inspired idea :-)