Jul 22, 2008

Recycling Rockets

You will need: a plastic or paper cup, a water bottle, a large paper plate or a left over party hat, a small paper plate and some aluminium foil. I knabbed all the ones we used from a community pot luck event that I stayed behind to tidy up after.

Glue the bottle to the bottom of the plastic cup. Wrap in aluminium foil and glue down the edge. Cut a slit in the large paper plate to the middle and fold and glue into a cone. Stick on the top of the bottle. Stick the small paper plate on the open end of the cup.

The kids decorated these with paint, crayons, stickers and glue and glitter. We added streamers to the bottom of them and after the kids had run about the house a bit with them, we hung them up in the bedroom.

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