Sep 7, 2008

Paper Shoes

Instructables recently had a great tutorial up by Tissuepapers for making slippers out of paper. The tutorial showed you how to make adult sized slippers out of sheets of pretty paper. I thought it would be a nice and cheap decoration activity for the kids if we used smaller sheets of plain paper.Each shoe was made by folding a piece of letter sized printer paper. My older daughter has got size 10.5 feet and we managed to make shoes for her just fine. Much bigger than a size 11 and you'll have to use newspaper or anything you can find larger than the letter size though.

It took 4 staples to secure each shoe. You could do it with three though if you had a decent stapler, rather than a teensy weensy cracker toy one that I've got. She had fun painting her slippers and then putting stickers on them when they were dry. I made sure that we put stickers over where the staples showed on the inside of the shoes, so they wouldn't scratch her.

I think we're going to do this activity again, because the girls have a lot of dressing up gear and it would be fun to make shoes to go with the outfits.
We painted the shoes with watered down food colouring by the way.