Sep 10, 2008

Recycling castle. Dejavu?

Well, I know I posted about a castle we made from recycling some time ago, but I'm Welsh, so obviously I have a castle fettish that I am forcing upon my children. My excuse is that this time we made a realistic Edwardian castle with a moat, rather than a fairytale one.

We collected toilet paper cardboard tubes (I might have pestered some freinds to get more faster. They are used to me rifling through their recyling now) and a couple of snack boxes (I think they were Annies cheddar bunny snacks or something, but any cracker type box/cereal box will do)
Here's a scribble showing how we cut the turrets out of the loo roll tubes and another scribble showing how to squeez four large walls and four small walls out of a snack box.
The kids painted the castle pieces first and then while they were drying we painted the base with brown and green and a nice blue moat to surround the castle.
Then everyone ate lunch and ran about like they were deranged while the base dried.

We glue gunned the castle pieces together and then the kids played with a load of toy animals and cars in the castle (I think we might have to have a project where we make knights and peasants and a king and queen to actually go in the castle, because as entertaining as it obviously was, driving cars around the moat and storming the castle with a giant polar bear is neither historically or geographically accurate.)


Anonymous said...

Haha! That polar bear at the end is great, Linds. :D

Vanessa (Housewives Inc) said...

What an awesome idea! I've been collecting loo roll holders, cereal boxes, etc for a while now and wondering what to do with them. Now I know! Thank you

Unknown said...

I love your tutorial...and love your castle!
I just featured your castle on my new post "Links of Light Bulbs" (a collection of good ideas....this one about TP roll crafts!)
I hope that you check it out!

Nautilus said...

My son loved it. We made it today!
Alex Nautilus