Mar 6, 2009

Mardi Gras Masks

I really enjoyed this craft, because it involved loads of glue and random bits and bobs and not a lot of order, more chaos the better.

We've done more than a few transatlantic flights between California and the UK in the last five years and back in the "good old days" when the airlines used to actually give you free stuff, even on economy flights (RANT rather than telling you that you can't bring your own milk on the plane and they can't give you any of the one pint that they do have on board because it's for first class only, so maybe you can feed your 20 month old some watered down coffee creamer powder during the eight hour flight /RANT), I pocketed a load of those eye masks for sleeping during the journey. They were BMI blue and rather fetching, and had been gathering dust in the twilight zone of the "craft supplies" for about two years.
All I had to do was cut eye holes out of them and then staple some card to the top to give the kids some real estate to spread the glue on. They glued on sequins, foam sticker things, feathers and some fake autumn leaves we had knocking around from last year, left over bits of fake flowers from a broken Lei. I had to help them staple some of the leaves around the edges at the end. Once they were dry the kids wanted to dress up in crazy clothes to go with the masks. Later we had a pancake party, with it being pancake day/Fat Tuesday and all. The kids made some of the grown ups try the masks on at that point too. Ages ago (My first post I think) I blogged about the pancake art that we play with at home. I mentioned if you were ambitious you could write your name in a pancake by writing it out in mirror image and then flooding it with more pancake batter once it had browned slightly. I never posted an example of what I meant, so here is one from this year's pancake night party. Yes, I can write in cursive mirror image. I have a piece missing from my brain.


tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

very cool both the pancakes and the pancakes.

the rant is fing shocking. awful.

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

lmao, I mean both the MASKS and the pancakes, geez.