Feb 20, 2009

Cardboard barbie house

This was a spur of the moment thing for my daughters on Valentine's day morning. I was babysitting my two year old's best friend that morning as well and I realised that although we had a load of barbie dolls (from garage sales) and some lovely clothes for them (that replaced the home made no sew ones from a while back. Thank you Shannon!) and even two barbie cars (from Savers and Goodwill), there was no place for them to hang out, so a barbie ranch was the plan (sounds like Hugh Heffner's summer house right?).

I used two large sheets of cardboard left in the garage, that I'd whipped out from between the layers of toilet rolls at Costco. Below you can see the shape that I cut out of the first piece to make the narrow roofed end of the house.

The second sheet was just bent in half and slotted into the first piece. Once they were scotch taped together I cut out some windows and a door. My four year old had fun measuring the cardboard with me and wanted to carry on measuring bits of the house once it was made.

The girls played with the house for most of the morning and I had time to make them some lame furniture out of other cardboard boxes in the recycling bin. barbie had a Cheezits box bed, a butter box chair and a ritz cracker type box bath to wash her two little girls in.
Yes, I always bath my children whilst wearing my most mahoosive ball gown.

I was totally planning on painting it white and letting the kids decorate it, but it only lasted for a couple of days before I had a load of kids around and it got inadvertently trampled. I'll probably make another one for them at some point though because it was very quick to do and maybe some more substantial furniture while I'm at it.


tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...



Oh and I like it, very well made, you know there is a market for things like that. There are companies that do cardboard rockets etc.

Mmmm how about you call it theboxismorefun.com. You send the box out with instructions on how to make the dolls house etc. Since it was technically my idea which is just the same as all the work you'd be doing lets call it 90%/10% lol.

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

mahoosive, haha!

Lindsey said...

"theboxismorefun"? That wouldn't get confused with lesbian porn at all!

The toys made out of recycling is turning out to be a bit of an obsession of mine lately. It's just at this age the kids get bored with toys in a matter of weeks and so I'd rather the toys were things that a)we'd made together, b)were free or cheap and c)can go back in the recycling bin when they are bored of them or they get broken.

Mahoosive is a word that comes from my lovely (very missed girlfriends in Manchester, Hannah, Helen and Sally). Usually used in relation to chest size, as in "Mahoosive Norks!"

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Oh man why didn't I think of that? LOL. I am losing my filthy minded powers oh nooooooo!!

ok how about the cardboardboxthatisnotareferencetoaldiesvaginaismorefun.com? To long?
Sad you have missed friends :0(

Sunaya said...

Excellent blog.. My friend forwarded me this blog.. read one blog, I got soo enthusiastic...I am browsing through all your blogs.. Really fantastic..

Hats off to you for the hard work which you are doing for your kids.. I am motivated to do soemthing for my kid also ..Definitely gonna do soemthign this weekend.

Special K said...

found this through craftycow
OMG hilarious about the barbie ball gown. My daughter is all about the barbie dresses of late!

Nora said...

Wow!! I'm impressed! What a cool way to recycle old cardboard boxes!! Super cool!