Apr 23, 2009

Recycled baby tights

One of my friend's little girls has had to undergo some pretty darn serious talipes treatment right from birth. She's already had several casts and surgery and is now fitted with some hardcore boots and mini snowboard contraption that bolts to the boots to continue the treatment. Cutey little lass is only a couple of months old. The snowboard (I have no idea what it is called medically, a brace maybe?) has to be worn with the boots 23 hours a day at the moment, so diaper changing is understandably not as easy as it should be. My mate has cut the feet off sleepsuits so far in order to be able to use the snaps openings.
I mentioned Babylegs to her and we've got her a few pairs to go in the mail this weekend. There are loads of tutorials out there on the web showing how to make home made babylegs from pairs of adult knee high socks by the way.

I had some pairs of 18 month tights around that had hardly been worn, so I thought I'd try and make some babylegs with those. I cut up the tights into the legs, pants, heels and feet.
I intend to make scratch mits from the wee feet bits to go with a hat and the leg warmers. These are probably all going to be a bit too small for my freind's baby, or will only fit her for a few weeks at most (although she is on the dinky side), but my friend also has a little girl who is almost three and adores baby dolls, so they will make a nice matching ensemble for her baby to wear next to her little sister wearing the genuine Babylegs. Got lots more tights to make other little matching outfits and some of the tights are 24 months, so they might work out larger. I need to get some elastic to finish the scratch mits for the dollies though.


Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

I am SO glad I found your blog. I love all of your posts. I don't have girls or tights right now, but I love what you made out of one pair of tights!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful! I love it!!! I write in a Spanish blog that caters for home and kids style, craft, food and eco-friendly issues. We have seen your post on "chalk and water painting" and we were wondering whether you would mind us using it and referencing it in our blog (www.kireei.com).
Hope to hear from you soon.
elena at kireei.com

MaryAnne said...

I left you an award on my blog - no need to pass it on unless you want to but I think your blog is fantastic!

Lindsey said...

Elena, sure, feel free to use and reference our fun. Glad you enjoy the blog :) I'll have to check out yours (sadly with the help of googles translation skills though as my Spanish is rubbish)

MaryAnne, thanks for the award! I'll definately blog about it when I get a moment. I happen to think that your blog is fantastic too ;)

Actually, I have a crush on dollarstore crafts as well Heather. Starting this blog has brought me in touch with so many awesome bloggers. So glad I found the time to do this blog.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fabulous idea! I so wish that I could sew, unfortunately I just knit and crochet. Very ingenious!

LiEr said...

Now that hat is adorable! I would never have thought of making it from the uppers of tights! See - THAT is genius!

Karin said...

Love the baby legwarmers, but the hat is just above and beyond. So cute!

I wanna be creative said...

Such a fab idea as Baby tights are often looking a bit shabby to pass on. My 2yr old and I did this together and she was so excited by the new outfits for "Holly" "Molly" and "Dolly".