Nov 10, 2009

Some thank yous and some other stuff.

I've had some lovely people send me blog awards lately and I haven't got my act together to say thank you proparly, so before I ramble on about other stuff, I'd like to say ta very much to these ladies:

Jen from "Creative and Curious kids" gave me the Kreativ Blogger award. I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself, but you'll make do with just one if it's proper weird won't you? I can juggle fire clubs. Not that there's a lot of call for that day to day at the moment. Might come in handy one day though, I suppose, if I have more than two things that are simultaneously on fire and I don't want them to get on the carpet?!?

Shea from "All Things Shea" gave me the "Neno's Award. As part of that I'm supposed to tell you why I blog. I'm sure the reasons I blog are the same reasons that a lot of mums blog. It's partly to create a diary with photos, so that my young kids will have something to look back on. My memories of being 5 and younger are pretty sparce, so I'd like them to be able to see what we got up to before I forget most of it too. There's about 80 projects on here from 2009, and I'm sure if I hadn't blogged about them then I would barely be able to recall twenty or so by now. The other reason is to reach out and connect with other people that are into the same sort of nonsense. I've met some rather lovely people through my experiences blogging and it's great to hear from other people around the world who have tried out some of the projects on the blog and had fun with them. Yay blogging!

Basia from United Teaching gave me the "Honest Scrap" award (so long ago that it's embarrassing that I haven't said thank you yet!). Not sure what the rules and regs with that one are, but it looks like it might be useful if someone starts shooting at me. Thank you ladies, not nessesarily for the awards themselves, but just getting in touch and taking the time to be friendly like.

You know that I don't do well following the blog award rules and regulations. I do like to take the opportunity to point at something worth pointing at though, so I want to point you at this story that one of our readers emailed me about.

It's a disasterously upsetting reality that really hits you hard when you take just a moment to empathize. I hope that we can all do something over the holidays, for someone we don't know personally, that needs something extra, whether it's a child in Noah's circumstances, or troops far from home, or people with no home. There are a lot of people out there that a stranger's generosity would really make a difference to. Noah's story reminded me of that, when I was all caught up in making gifts for the people that I know. Now I have some research to do on where I can direct my efforts. Please do let me know if you have anything you plan on making or doing for a stranger this holiday!

To end on a less harrowing note... Do you remember the Wall-E that we made out of recycling a while back? He had his time in the sun with the kids and has gone to be with a group in Sacramento called ReCreate. If you live local to them then go check it out. They are doing a fantastic job teaching children about trash, natural resources, conservation, and personal choices in consumption and waste, then allowing the kids to get creative with a large library of donated junk that would otherwise be sat festering in landfill somewhere.

One of our readers, Amy, sent me a photo of the Wall-E that she made with her children. She has given me permission to show you a picture of him. Isn't he awesome! He's like a cute twin to our Wall-E. Love, love, love that there are people out there with the get up and go to give some of this stuff a try. Props to you Amy!,


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I love the Walle

maryanne said...

Here is one childhood cancer event you can support:

You can make a donation and they will put a ribbon on the tree in honor or in memory of a child who had cancer.

Let me know if you learn about some more tangible opportunities?

maryanne said...

Or, here's an organization where you can send actual cards and gifts to children: