Jul 30, 2008

No sew doll clothes

We went to a garage sale this weekend and the lovely lady that was holding it gave our kids all the barbie dolls she had for free. They were however all stark naked. Sewing enough clothes for five barbie dolls wasn't going to happen any time soon (my sewing machine is lodged underneath a plethera of misc in the twilight zone that we call the guest room).
We did however have a red plastic bag, a few coffee filters, some burst balloons, stickers, pipecleaners, aluminium foil and a few of those little ketchup cups you get at fast food places. Turns out you can make a fairly extensive wardrobe for dolls with this stuff. The kids coloured in and stuck stickers on the clothes and I dressed the dolls for them. I think they like the mermaid best, so we may end up ripping off all the other gear and having five foil mermaids with strategically placed foam starfish before too long.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome! We used to make clothes for our Barbies all the time when I was a kid. It was way too expensive to buy the premade stuff.