Apr 6, 2009

Plasticine monsters

I've still got a load of those boggly eyes that we've been playing with and the kids have not grown tired of sticking them on absolutely everything yet, so today we made some plasticine monsters and stuck varying numbers of eyes all over them.
I think it was somewhat an ode to the 1980s TV show Trap Door, that I secretly still love.
My three year old made lots of cyclops worm beasts and skewered them like coctail sausages and my four year old made a hunormous splatty two dimensional dude with lots of eyes and what looks like a rare skin complaint.

I helped them make other monsters that they took apart and reassembled in various weird and wonderful ways. All in all it was rather fun and I could shove it all in a tupperware container for us to play with again another time. Maybe when they are older we can have some fun doing real claymation!


The kids asked to do this again the next day when their friends were over, so we did and they made lots more funny little dudes.


tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Fun! and ps I bought Eggs Dad a Trap Door dvd for Christmas a few years back, lol!!

LiEr said...

So, so much fun! I love the melted dermatologically-challenged specimen. The more eyes, the better to see with, I say. I love aliens. And I love seeing how much fun your kids are having growing up under your roof.

MaryAnne said...

Amazing how googly eyes can bring plasticine to life!

P4-810 said...


Amber! said...

Love this! I do love the mashed monster creation.