Jan 4, 2010

Belated bye bye to 2009

Aw, ta ta 2009. You left yoghurt on our walls and glitter in our ears. I'm pleased that we managed to get as much of the chaos on the blog as we did. I didn't expect at the beginning of the year that I'd find enough time to make ninety five posts. Of course there are a load of things that never made it onto the blog due to lack of blogging time available or just me not having a camera handy. I was going to make this post be a collection of messy memories that didn't quite warrant their own post on the blog, but when I went and peeked in my photos I found far too much stuff to cram into one post. Instead I grabbed the first 100 relevant pictures I found and stuck them all in a Picassa album, so that if you are interested to see more bits and bobs that didn't get blogged about then you can click on the link below. I've captioned some of the photos to explain.

I've enjoyed watching the kids get more and more involved, imaginative and capable this year. So much so that the prospect of what we may create in 2010 has me giddy with anticipation. There are already a number of hair brained schemes that they want me to facilitate.

I thought this would also be a nice moment to show off some of the variations on our crafts that other wizards of filth have made. I've had emails and links to blog post from several readers sharing their own versions of some of our projects over 2009. This is something that really really floats my boat. I love seeing other people's twists on the stuff we do. So here are a few links. If you have tried one of the crafts from Filth Wizardry and blogged about it or even have a photo to email then let me know at filthwizardry at gmail dot com and I will update this post to include it.

  • Lindsey made our Lego-holepunch Christmas diorama here
  • Lady of Shalot diorama with the lego and hole punch technique at "Practical Pages", here.

  • More lego and hole punching was done by "Obsessively Stitching", here (Love the stockings on the fireplace!)

  • Sew Red Hot made some of our baby wipe and kitchen paper kanzashi here

  • Lovely colourful Dinotopia from "Death by Chickens" here (I think this one is bigger than the original dinosaur island that we made!)

  • Another fabulous Dino Island from Just Jess right here.

  • Squashed Tomatoes made our Coral reef wall hanging here.

  • Aluminium foil river recreated by Jodified here.

  • A lovely triangular canal of foil by Kibbles 'N Knits here.

  • A much cuter recreation of our freakish recycled tights snowmen at Raising Memories, here.

  • Two dinky versions of our plastic bottle fairy houses over at "cuci cuci co-eng", here.
  • DQ Mountain Girl makes our big squelchy pink paper mess here.

Knowing that there are people out there willing to have a go at the projects I stick on this blog makes it totally worth while!

So just out of curiosity, what was your favourite Filth Wizardry post this year? I had a quick look and I'm such a sappy sentimental old fool that I can't easily choose one. I think maybe maybe I would pick the playdough train table, because it was the first really epic playdough build we did, and the kids just seemed so in awe of what they had accomplished and the scale of it.

Here's to more messy mayhem in the coming year!


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Happy New Year!

Your various playdough landscapes were definitely the highlight of the year for me, reading your blog. I want to make a few scenes like that with my children this year.

I think those little homemade paper puff balloons from the microwave in your picasa album look really cool, too.

Looking forward to reading about more messy creativity in 2010 =)

Amy said...

Definitely the plastic bottle fairy houses. Inspired a great bday party for a friend of ours!

LittleTeapot said...

My Little One (and his mom!!)loved the giant sugar cookies baked in pie plates - he asks to do them frequently, and it's a nice cold rainy day project.

I'm always excited to see what new things you're working on, and I've passed your blog on to several friends. (Tempting though it was to take full credit for those cookies!!)

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

we loved making paper. thanks for the inspiration! I wrote about it in my blog. :)

Lindsey said...

Hi DQ! I was hoping you'd come by because I could remember your post, but couldn't find it anywhere to link to! I'll update the list with it. Thank you!

Lindsey said...

I was so excited to see my name in your blog!

Then I tried to decide on my favorite post from 2009... But I don't know if I can. I like the projects that can be kept for use by the kids like when they painted the chairs. I also like that you made super cheap princess dresses. And more...

When I have children it's going to be very hard for me because I'm going to want to keep all of the crafts and projects!

M for Short said...

Am I allowed to say all??

Definitely those not seen elsewhere: the shim & streamer dresses and Roman centurian helmets. Plus, your designer pancakes are out of this world. (These may be posts from the previous year, but I only found your blog this year and so they were all "this year" to me.) For the other ideas I have gushed over, please refer to my mega-email from July 14th.

I also thought (as did my husband)your link to the guy who explained why kids SHOULD be allowed to play with knives, etc., was brilliant.

Share more wisdom and home crafts in 2010. Crafty New Year to you and the wizards!

Care said...

Thanks for linking! I am dying to try out more playscapes like yours, using oodles of play clay. Just gotta make 20 or so pounds of it!

I nominated you for an award on my blog today -- here's the link:


Looking forward to reading more of your fun ideas for things to do with my littles in 2010!

Squashedtomatoes said...

I just think all your stuff is amazing!! I was so excited when i found your blog - it actually inspired me to start mine! You are so outstandingly creative - maybe you should consider writing a book - seriously! I look forward to your posts eagerly! The playdough stuff is amazing - but so os everything! Thankyou!

Unknown said...


The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude.

here are the details! Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!


Rebecca said...

I always go through your blog with my 3 year old on my lap who points out everything she wants to do. I admit I fall behind on her list - but all her dolls are still sporting butterfly wings and proudly fly around our house from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the amazing ideas - you're an inspiration! I appreciate your link. I am determined to really remain open to creative moments - and photograph them! Have a great 2010!, Blessings, Nadene

jen said...

I am still completely in love with the rocket ship (was that this year? I found your blog and read all your archives this year, so it was for me!). Every time I see one of those big hexagonal boxes i imagine what we would make if we could actually fit it in the car and in the front door ;) Anyway, many smaller cardboard creations have been inspired in my house this year because of your blog. Thank you!

Kathy Lou said...

The playdough scenes were my favorite for sure!
I also appreciate the permission to get filthy. I am with you on that one.